Forth Valley plans for mixed-use development on 35-acre industrial site bought from aluminium company Novelis.

Scottish enterprise Forth Valley will look to boost regeneration in Falkirk after buying a 35-acre industrial site for £4m.

Novelis, a spin-off of aluminium company Alcan, shut down the site last December to concentrate its efforts on producing products in lower cost countries.

The buy paves the way for mixed-use regeneration on the site that is seen as important to attract new investment to the area and encourage expansion of local firms.

Geoff Gregory, project manager at SEFV, said over the years there have been many developers looking to build on sites around Falkirk but not enough land to satisfy them.

“It’s still early days yet,” he said. “Hopefully in a month or so we’ll have put some flesh on the bones and have a better idea about what we’re doing with the site.”