Firm state that forthcoming olympics will deliver 20-year masterplan after the games

Aecom Olympics masterplan

The forthcoming Rio Olympics is set to emulate London 2012’s successful legacy plans, according to the firm behind both masterplans, Aecom.

Aecom has worked on a 20-year masterplan for the 2016 Games, which are scheduled to start in two months, with many of the venues, utilities and roads set to be re-purposed after the event to support new housing and commercial schemes.

According to Aecom, three quarters of the Olympic site will become a new neighbourhood, with the remaining quarter to host permanent sports facilities. The firm also says the Games have helped accelerate the development of public transport, while power and data facilities installed to cater for 20,000 journalists from the international media will make the Olympic Park one of the best connected districts in Rio.

London has seen 75% of the capital expenditure for its own Olympics spent on transport and infrastructure, land and water clean-up, new homes and public space.

Global sports leader at Aecom Bill Hanway said: “Despite Brazil’s current economic and political challenges, the guiding principle has always been for the Games to serve Rio and boost its development, improving the quality of life for all its citizens. The Games are a catalyst for changing not only the city, but the aspirations of future generations.

“As with London, our approach is to take a long-term view that sees the Games as a milestone in the ongoing legacy programme. The Games and the success of the event are the primary focus, but also serve as a driver for the future. It’s an opportunity to invest in underdeveloped areas and significantly upgrade transport and infrastructure. Rio is now on the cusp of reaping the legacy benefits.”