Environment Agency calls on small businesses to join waste reduction scheme.

The Environment Agency is calling for small construction businesses to take part in an EU-funded project to help companies save money by reducing the amount of hazardous waste they produce.

The three-year HAZRED project aims to demonstrate the benefits of setting waste reduction targets and developing waste reduction plans in partnership with industry sectors that have a large proportion of small businesses. The construction industry is one of six priority sectors selected for the HAZRED project.

HAZRED is looking to work with 20 small businesses in the sector to monitor and evaluate reduction in hazardous waste produced and cost savings achieved.

Tom Dibaja, external affairs manager at the Federation of Master Builders, has been involved in developing the hazardous waste reduction plan for the sector. He urged companies to participate in the programme.

He said: "The vast majority of our industry is made up of small businesses with less than 10 employees. Many of these businesses simply do not have the time and resources to dedicate to environmental issues. The introduction of the new Hazardous Waste Regulations and changes in the legislation governing landfill sites means that construction businesses are facing new waste management challenges and higher waste disposal costs."

Businesses who are interested in taking part in the project can find out more by contact Naomi Davidson at the Environment Agency on naomi.davidson@environment-agency.gov.uk.