First six locations announced offer fair representation and good mix of housing stock, says AHIPP

The Association of Home Information Pack Providers has announced the first stage of its regional roll out of the Home Information Pack and the Home Condition Report.

The organisation has named Southampton, Newcastle, Northampton, Bath, Huddersfield and Cambridge as the first six locations across the UK where AHIPP will commence its roll out on 6 November 2006.

AHIPP’s deputy director general, Paul Broadhead said: “After detailed discussions with our members we have selected the first six locations which we believe offer a good mix of housing stock and will offer a fair representation in terms of both supply and demand. This is the first phase of our roll out with additional locations to be introduced at a later date.”

AHIPP has said it will continue to champion the value of HIPs and the HCR for the consumer. The new scheme will be the first of its kind with members of AHIPP encouraging buyers and sellers to sample the full packs, which will include an HCR compiled by a fully trained and qualified home inspector.

The roll out, designed to demonstrate the benefits of HIPs and the HCR to buyers and sellers, will include a robust and independent testing of the packs across the market.

Allowing consumers in the selected locations to sample HIPs well ahead of the June 2007 deadline will enable AHIPP to identify and resolve any initial glitches before their mandatory introduction.

Broadhead added: “Many appear to have forgotten that the HIP was introduced to assist in providing a more efficient and effective home buying and selling process for the consumer and we are confident that despite the government’s recent floundering the roll out will be a success.”