BRE work afoot to further improve values

Aircrete can help reduce thermal bridging as part of Accredited Construction Details according to research from H+H. The default values within SAP of y=0.15 can be amended to y=0.08 offering large CO2 emission savings. H+H claims it is working with the BRE in order to reduce the 'y' factor to 0.04.

"The use of Celcon's Foundation Block, the H+H Flooring System and H+H's Aircrete blocks in the walls can offer benefcial thermal bridging values by reducing the heat loss at the junction of the wall, floor and foundation", the manufacturer said.

Housebuilders need all the help they can get. According to research from Leeds Metropolitan University, thermal design in UK housebuilding is so poor that reaching CSH Level 3 at volume is almost impossible.

The information, contained within a wider sustainability statement from H+H, is available here