Scheme set to open by end of June

Crossrail has given its strongest indication yet the scheme will finally be ready to open this summer with all Tier 1 contractors off the job by Easter and the scheme’s remaining to-do list now at around 200 items – from a quarter of a million three years ago.

Chief executive Mark Wild has told the Transport for London (TfL) board that all the Tier 1 firms working on the projects will wrap up by April.


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Station doors on the central section of the line are finally set to open this summer

Firms such as Siemens, which is working on the scheme’s signalling systems, will transfer over to TfL and Rail for London, and so will not be demobilised, he added.

Last week, Canary Wharf became the latest station to be transferred from Crossrail to TfL with Wild adding problem station Bond Street is making progress: “[It] is already in a state where it can accept revenue run through but not actually passengers.”

Wild also revealed the project’s to-do list was down to 200 items although he added: “As ever on Crossrail, those 200 items really count.” In May 2019, Wild said the list was 250,000 items long.

He said 13 February would be the start of the “learning exercises” for phase two of the trial operations – the final testing stage. These include practices for events such as mass evacuations.

The railway, due to open in December 2018, is set to open this June.