Details to be announced by PM later today

All new buildings and those undergoing major renovation will be required to install electric vehicle charge points from next year, the prime minister will announce today.

Boris Johnson will reveal plans that will see up to 145,000 extra charge points installed across England each year.

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Charging points such as these in north London will be required in all new buildings from next year

This is in the run-up to 2030 when the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will end in the UK.

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As well as new homes and non-residential buildings, those undergoing largescale renovations which leaves them with more than 10 parking spaces will be required to install electric vehicle charge points.

Johnson will unveil the details in a speech to the Confederation of British Industry in the north-east of England.

But Richard Beresford, chief executive of the National Federation of Builders (NFB) said construction companies would have to foot the bill – while the electricity companies profited.

The NFB said that to achieve planning permission, constructors are required to fund substations so that electricity companies can provide enough load to new and old developments.

Referring to the Johnson administration as the ‘government of taxation’, it added: “These costs are considerable – upward of £50,000 for a handful of homes – and it is neither the builder, nor homeowner who profits from this infrastructure, it is the electricity companies who achieve revenue in perpetuity from someone else’s investment.”