Aluminium glazing company, Technal, in partnership with East Yorkshire Aluminium and Glass, is supplying more than 5,000 windows for a 4,200-unit student village in the University of Sheffield.

Technal is supplying casement windows from its FXi46 range, which have been used for the traditionally constructed earlier phases and inserted into concrete pods for phase three, which is now under construction. Its windows for the final phase will be pre-installed off site into steel-framed modular units. The FXi windows have been finished in white internally and charcoal grey externally to complement a palette of claddings and finishes that includes terracotta, timber, zinc, brick and stone. The windows are available in three module sizes – 46mm, 52mm and 65mm. The firm is also supplying its PXi commercial door and GXi sliding patio doors to the project.

Technal 303