Construction’s profile in government rises as Minister for Industry Alun Michael is given responsibility for the sector.

Minister for Industry Alun Michael has been given direct responsibility for construction in the new government in a move that elevates the profile of the sector in Whitehall.

The Department for Productivity, Energy and Industry confirmed Michael’s appointment this morning in a move that sees construction lifted up a level in government. Michael’s predecessor Griffiths was a parliamentary under secretary within the old DTI, a tier below Michael in terms of seniority.

Michael will take over construction as part of a portfolio that provides him with overall responsibility for business group issues, including enterprise growth, business development and small business services. Michael’s parliamentary under secretary in the new DPEI, Barry Gardiner, who many tipped to take over construction, will take charge of competitiveness.

Other significant appointments included Yvette Cooper as ODPM Minister of State for Housing.