Lawyers settle former Amec boss' unfair dismissal claim halfway through employment tribunal.

The employment tribunal brought against Amec by its former construction managing director Stephen Bowcott has ended two days early after the two parties reached an agreement today.

Bowcott brought the tribunal against Amec following his dismissal last June for what the company described as a conflict of interest.

The dispute was over £250,000 of PR contracts, which Bowcott allegedly had given to his then girlfriend without the permission of his line manager.

The joint statement reads: "Mr Bowcott accepts that there was a breach of the requirements in relation to written disclosure of a conflict of interest issue, though at the time he did not believe that his actions constituted a breach."

"Amec accepts that at the time Mr Bowcott genuinely and honestly believed that he was not in breach. Mr Bowcott accepts that the reason for dismissal was that breach of requirements and procedures."

"Mr Bowcott's performance (in relation to which Amec accepts there was no issue) played no part in the reason for dismissal. Mr Bowcott has withdrawn his claim in its entirety."

A spokesperson for Amec said: "No compensation has been paid by Amec."