AMEC is teaming up with US engineering giant Fluor Daniel in a drive to expand its offshore oil and gas business.

The two companies will bid jointly for work under the monicker Amec Flour Daniel, except in the North Sea, where Amec is already well positioned, working for more than half of all installations.

Tony Williams, Amec’s director of corporate affairs, said Amec would tap Fluor Daniel’s international client base. He said: “It has good coverage in Africa and Latin America.”

Williams valued the global market in oil and gas at up to £20bn a year. “All we need is one big project and we will be away,” he said.

He said the project could lead to a merger later, but added: “If it works well as it is, we won’t change it.”

Amec also said it hopes to learn more from the oil and gas industry’s cutting-edge thinking on partnering. But one analyst said: “It would learn more by teaming up direct with a client rather than just with another supplier. That said, it sounds like a strategically interesting move.”