Support Services group Amey will buy back its £60m stake in the London Underground PPP. The announcement came after Amey's sale to Spanish contractor Ferrovial was confirmed last Thursday
Amey's partners in the Tubelines consortium, Bechtel and Jarvis, bought the stake for Amey in December, when the firm was in severe financial problems. Amey was given until end of this month to buy it back.

A spokesperson for Ferrovial confirmed that the Spanish company had given Amey the go-ahead to splash out the £60m. The spokesperson said: "Amey will exercise the option by the end of June."

Ferrovial made its £81m offer to Amey shareholders unconditional (meaning that it was committed to the takeover) despite only receiving 88.6% approval from Amey shareholders. The Spanish contractor had previously said that it would only confirm the deal after it had obtained 90% approval.

The Ferrovial spokesperson said that the company still expects to receive further acceptances of the offer. Shareholders will receive their money from next Wednesday.

Amey has applied to delist from the London Stock Exchange on 26 June, taking it in to the Ferrovial empire.

A Ferrovial spokesman confirmed that the Spanish giant has given Amey the go-ahead to splash out the £60m by the end of June

The Rt Hon Lord Patten, John Biles and Gordon Page resigned as non-executive directors of Amey last week. They have been replaced by Iñigo Meirás, José María Pérez Tremps, Nicolás Villén and Santiago Olivares of Ferrovial.

José Leo, the general manager of Ferrovial's telecommunications division, has taken over as Amey's finance director. He has been involved in the deal since preliminary talks started last November. He has worked closely with Amey's acting finance director, Eric Tracey.

Tracey is on secondment from Deloitte & Touche. He returns there at the end of the month. A spokesperson for Amey said: "The two will work in tandem until the end of June. The handover period needs to be smooth."