Shareholders in Amey expect to receive information clarifying the financial position of the beleaguered support services group by today.
Amey's shareholders are due to receive a circular on the sale of eight of its PFI contracts to Laing for £29.1m in cash, announced last week.

It is also possible that the circular will contain findings from acting finance director Eric Tracey's financial review of the company. One shareholder said: "We expect confirmation of the company's cash position and of its refinancing talks with lenders."

Amey has sought to improve its financial position by cutting 350 jobs over the past month. This is on top of the 300 redundancies made in 2002.

Press speculation that Amey was about to lose a major job sparked rumours that it was going to pull out of the running for the £3bn Allenby & Connaught Ministry of Defence contract. Amey is part of a joint venture with Bovis Lend Lease that is battling with a consortium including Mowlem and Brown & Root. A spokesperson for Amey denied the speculation.