One £80m immigrant processing centre wins the September stakes but HBG stays on top of annual league.
One huge deal for Amey, an immigrant detention centre in Bedfordshire, has catapulted it to the top of the table over HBG and Bowmer & Kirkland, both of whom clocked up eight contracts.

HBG's two big successes were its £25m Scottish Widows office in the City and a £12m school development contract with Edinburgh council.

The annual league continues to be dominated by the big four of HBG, Bovis Lend Lease, Balfour Beatty and Laing – there is close to £150m between fourth-placed Laing and Sir Robert McAlpine in fifth.

In the architects' table, Chetwood continues to do well, but the most upwardly mobile firm was Whitfield Partners, which made it to 14th place after being unlisted last month.

The top six clients all stay in the top six, with the Amey deal pushing the Home Office into the lead.

How the tables work

To qualify for the tables, companies must have been identified on two or more projects fitting the criteria below in the past 12 months. Projects must:
  • be of precisely calculated or confirmed value
  • have reached the main contract stage
  • be valued at £1m or more
  • be in the UK.
Residential, civil engineering or overseas contracts are excluded. Student accommodation is included.