Richard Rogers Partnership and Terry Farrell & Partners are expected to win work on the next phase of the £300m Canary Riverside development in London Docklands.

It is understood that a design decision on the next, £200m phase is imminent, although it is not known whether the architects are in competition or will share the work.

The design is expected to include a masterplan for residential, hotel and retail elements, and plans of individual buildings.

A source said, initially, Rogers and Farrell were in competition but added that this could have changed. He said: “They might now be considering an arrangement where the two of them work on it. It is such a big cake. It can be sliced up.”

A Canary Riverside spokesperson said the firm could not comment on future developments at this stage.

She said: “We are looking at what should be included on that site. It’s certainly being worked on but there is not a timetable at this stage.” The first phase of Canary Riverside, designed by US architect Koetter Kim and UK-based Novo, was completed last year and included a hotel, apartments and a health and leisure club.

Canary Riverside is a joint venture between Singaporean developer Pidemco, Singaporean group Hotel Properties and Canary Wharf. Pidemco has a 50% stake, Hotel Properties has 30% and Canary Wharf 20%. The development was originally expected to take six years when construction started in 1997.