Administrator Deloitte & Touche has raised only £7.6m from the remains of Ballast, the contractor that failed with debts of almost £160m last October
In an interim report for Ballast's creditors, Deloitte said it had raised the money from fire sales of key contracts and businesses, as well as from debtors.

But creditors are angry that £1.7m – nearly one-fifth of the sum raised – has gone on fees and expenses for Deloitte. One said: "It is disgraceful really."

Many are also incensed by the lack of payout to the hundreds of unsecured creditors. The report said: "There is a potential dividend to unsecured creditors of 0.3% [of what they are owed]."

Money received included £2.9m in debt recovery and £1.3m in sales of businesses and contracts to ROK and Botes. Deloitte expects to raise a further £1.95m from debtors and compensation claims.

The £1.7m that has gone on fees for Deloitte is disgraceful really

Ballast creditor