Bernard Hegarty loses his life five days after being attacked during his lunch hour.

An architect has died after being stabbed during a mugging last wednesday. Bernard Hegarty, 29, was attacked during his lunch break in Bethnal Green, East London.

Hegarty had been in a critical condition at the Royal London Hopsital since the assault. The attack took place in Mansford Street close to the office of Davy Smith Peter Smith Architects where Hegarty worked.

The attacker stabbed Hegarty several times in the stomach and chest after Hegarty had refused to hand over his wallet. Hegarty was able to tell passers-by: "That man stole my wallet" before losing consciousness.

Police believe that the mugger was injured as Hegarty attempted to fight him off. Detectives said they were looking for a dark skinned man. Police believe the man was injured in the attack and are planning to carry out DNA tests on suspects.