Accordia is declared the winner in 3DReid's very own dress rehearsal for the Stirling Prize

3DReid have been celebrating the always controversial Stirling Prize by holding their own mock-run of the judging and awards ceremony.

The six buildings were allocated to six volunteers through an anonymous draw, with each then having to persuade the practice why their building deserved to win. Each had their own irreverent take on the projects and were challenged to sum up their projects in 50 words or less.

Over 300 staff voted and the results were somewhat surprising. Will the bookies be right come Saturday night or has 3DReid spotted a surprise outsider?

Bijlmer Station, Amsterdam

A re-constructed station, located within the Amsterdam’s 1960’s new town lean-to of Bjilmer. The re-configured undercroft means that no longer are Ajax fans mugged on the way to their home ground. Instead, it now offers shop units to be trashed in the midst of hooliganism. Nice, wooden canopy though…

Accordia, Cambridge

High density housing with a difference. Recognised for its clever merge of private housing and public external spaces. You may think that is a “Street” but oh no, it’s much more than that! The light internal spaces spill out into external areas creating a high spatial quality. It is a celebration of traditional construction in a fast track age – who says brick can’t be sexy!

Royal Festival Hall, London

A refurb can't win the Stirling Prize you say? A £111M refurb of a 50's icon, a legendary monument to the cultural and economic rebirth of post-war Britain surely can....what better way is there to celebrate the feel good factor that the Festival of Britain gave to a nation on it's economic knees - apart from maybe spending the money to project the Union Jack onto the Moon?


Zaha Hadid – Genius or Loony? She was shortlisted before with a far superior building. So, why is she here again? With an underground canopy or two? Is she a Hector Guimard for the 21st Century – or is she soooo 2006?

Manchester Civic Court

It’s known locally as the Filing Cabinet and has certainly split opinions. Not only is it odds-on favourite to win the Stirling Prize, but it’s also been nominated for the BD Carbuncle Award. Who’s right? You decide.

Westminster Academy

It’s green and it’s stripy – it’s a colourful car park for learning! Who cares if the south facing classrooms don’t have blinds and paper needs to be taped to the windows, who cares that the sports pitches are under a trunk road….it’s got a splendid atrium at the centre of it with doors hanging from the ceiling, and by golly it takes a good photo! A contender…..

The final vote

55% = Accordia
15% = Westminster
15% = Manchester Civic Court
5% = RFH
5% = Bijlmer
5% = Nordpark