Feix&Merlin reveals a novel solution to the issue of preserving views of Wren's masterpiece from various London locations

What with all the fuss about Boris Johnson and his feelings on tall buildings, it’s reassuring to see that architects haven’t lost their sense of perspective.

The Greater London Authority’s protection of St Paul’s Cathedral means that surrounding buildings and towers have to be designed so as to preserve the view from various points around London.

But Tarek Merlin, one half of Feix&Merlin and regular Building columnist, showed delegates at RIBA’s Futures Fair this novel solution to the problem – a reimagining of Wren’s cathedral as a fifty-storey tower.

It does make one wonder what all those extra floors could be used for – housing for the homeless, perhaps, or crypts for dead celebrities and personalities that can no longer fit in the cathedral itself?

More importantly, what do you think Boris Johnson would make of it?