Two separate alliances of architectural practices have been formed to tackle large-scale education and healthcare projects worth billions of pounds.

One of them, the Education Design Network, has been set up to win work on the Building Schools of the Future programme of the Department for Education and Skills. It is made up of five medium-sized architects in the South-east with a total staff of more than 300. They are Architecture PLB, Anshen Dyer, Edward Cullinan Architects, Haverstock Associates and Perkins Ogden Architects.

The second alliance is a joint venture of Llewelyn Davies and Watkins Grey International, two large practices with 240 staff. It is looking for work on health and education projects.

The Education Design Network has sent a brochure to about 300 local authorities, large contractors and consultants that offer work. Two projects are under discussion with clients.

John Waldron, director of Architecture PLB, said: “We recognise the threat of large practices offering the capacity to deal with grouped school projects. But between us, we probably have more architects with specialist knowledge of educational buildings, and we offer more individuality.”