Members of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) are third-party certificated, competence-assessed and comply with the ASFP Code of Practice.

Formed in 1975, the ASFP currently represents more than 80 companies; including all the major U.K. based specialist manufacturers and installers of structural passive fire protection systems. To ensure quality, consistence and good working practices, the ASFP sets the standards for ‘Built in’ fire protection:

• ASFP contractor members work is third party certificated

• ASFP members are competence assessed and comply with Association’s Code of Practice

• ASFP’s authoritative & impartial documents are referenced in UK Building Regulations Guidance Documents

• In conjunction with ConstructionSkills, ASFP operates special apprenticeships for contractor’s operatives.

If you are responsible for risk assessment, life safety and asset protection, click on the link below and enter the code number indicated for a FREE copy of the ASFP Members List and a CD-ROM containing the Association’s informative technical guidance documents and CPD presentation overviews.

Ensure your ‘Built-in’ fire protection systems are fit for purpose and installed correctly by specifying ASFP membership. Do it right first time and reduce your risk and liability!


Go to:

Enter: Code No: 2004