Engineer will design extension to Chester uranium enrichment plant

Global engineer Atkins has landed a contract to design an extension to a uranium enrichment plant near Chester for nuclear supplier URENCO.

Atkins will carry out design and engineering studies for the extension of the facility, which is already the biggest of its kind in the UK.

The consultant will also underpin the safety case for the project, as well as provide detailed design and installation. This will include design of process services, a cooling water system, electrical and control systems and building a plant design 3D model.

Atkins will be working in an integrated team with URENCO and Enrichment Technology through reference and detail design and installation.

Chris Ball, managing director of nuclear at Atkins, said: “Atkins’ deep technical expertise in the design of new nuclear facilities and experience of managing safety for major nuclear infrastructure will enable us to deliver the very best facility for URENCO.

“We look forward to working closely with the client to ensure an integrated approach and the ultimate success of the project.”

Simon Bowen, URENCO UK managing director, said: “URENCO welcomes the opportunity to work with the Atkins team on this exciting and challenging project. The extension of E23 would fulfil URENCO UK’s ambition for future expansion.”