Consultant Atkins has launched a design tool for creating “healthier” buildings


Consultant Atkins has launched a design tool for creating “healthier” buildings, using data captured on people’s experiences of buildings they occupy.

The web-based survey, called Wellbriefing, will factor wellbeing principles into the design of buildings. Data is captured from occupiers on their preferences and priorities for their own health and wellbeing. By mapping this data against design criteria, Atkins says its designers will be able to determine how effective a design will be improving end users’ health and wellbeing.

Philip Watson (pictured), UK design director at Atkins, said: “There is a strong business case for wellbeing. People spend on average 90% of their lives in buildings, and these environments significantly impact their health and wellbeing, and ultimately their productivity and performance.”

Research published by the RICS last year found nearly half of UK employees don’t like their working environment, and 89% say the work environment plays a major part in whether or not they take a job.