The National Audit Office has launched an inquiry into the Health and Safety Executive's construction division to assess its strategies for improving the industry's accident record.
An HSE spokesperson said the inquiry was part of a routine process of reviewing non-departmental public bodies.

She said: "Through discussion with the HSE it has been agreed to focus on the effectiveness of HSE strategies for securing improvements in the health and safety record of the construction industry."

The Centre for Corporate Accountability welcomed the inquiry but said that it would not look at the HSE's future spending plans. CCA director David Bergman said: "It should be noted that the NAO can only inquire into whether the HSE is using its resources efficiently and not whether further resources are required."

Bergman said the inquiry would look at the HSE's performance, interview staff and identify best practice in evaluation techniques.

It is understood that the number of inspectors in the HSE's construction division will be reviewed to see if there are enough to do the job effectively.