The RICS has come under fire in Australia from the country’s quantity surveyors’ institute over its allegedly expansionist policy.
The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors has complained that the RICS’ policy of attracting members from throughout the world is threatening its future. It claims that “the new globalism seems more like the new imperialism”.

In a letter sent to members last month, president Michael Hodgetts urged members to retain their membership of the AIQS, and ruled out a merger with the RICS.

The letter said the RICS had been offering Australian students free membership, which the AIQS said was provocative.

The letter goes on: “I would ask you in this struggle for identity to consider how you can best support the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors. Maintain your AIQS membership; encourage your friends and professional colleagues to join the institute.”

Hodgetts accepted that the global RICS was here to stay but hoped its role would not be confused with that of the AIQS.

He added that the AIQS was strongly against a merger. He wrote: “Recently the RICS had meetings with an Australian QS firm. It was reported to us that a representative of the RICS allegedly referred to a merger of the RICS and AIQS. We have asked the RICS to instruct its representatives that no such proposals are on the table and that such comments should cease.”

A RICS spokesperson said there were no firm plans for a merger. The spokesperson said: “If there have been any plans, they have never got off the ground.”