A few messages on health-giving windows and healthy-looking homes …

February 1929

Keeping up appearances

Health in a house is like health in a man. The complexion of both announce the condition within.

The sting and stress of Winter bring a glow to the robust but to the neglected impart a cadaverous aspect that is unmistakable. A house whose walls have been given the protection that Duresco affords stands out among its fellows by reason of its unchanging freshness and remains pleasing and attractive through all the seasons of the year. Duresco is the king of water paints and preserves as well as beautifies the work of Architect and Builder alike. There is no paint as durable and economical as Duresco.

Tiles of the Underground

Durus Tiles give satisfaction every time. A definite proof that they are attractive and durable is given by the fact that the Underground Railway Company have used them for so many of their stations, also in connection with the Bermondsey New Baths, London. Here again the whole of the tiling was carried out by direct labour, the tiles being supplied to the borough of Bermondsey by The Darius Tile Co Ltd. The outstanding quality of these tiles is that they are non-slip and especially suitable for use in Gangways to Swimming Baths. The new Piccadilly Station, London’s latest, most wonderful and most talked of Underground Station is only one of the Underground Railway Stations where Durus Tiles have been used, for in addition you meet and see Durus Tiles daily at: Charing Cross, Bank, Brent, Burnt Oak, Clapham Common, Colindale, Edgeware, Golders Green, Hendon, Moorgate, Oxford Circus, Stockwell, Waterloo and Westminister.

Vita glass: The healthy window

The total number of buildings fitted with “Vita” Glass – the new window glass which brings indoors the health-giving properties of outdoor light – now runs into thousands. Much of this business is the result of advertising directed to doctors, medical officers of health and education authorities. Now that Vita Glass is being advertised on a national scale it is making a great leap forward. “Health through your windows,” which started as a business slogan, will soon become the watchword of a movement.

Noise insulation the Caxton way

Most modern building materials are of a hard nature and do not readily absorb sound vibrations. One of the most difficult problems, therefore, is to prevent the conduction of noise from one part of a building to another. It is important therefore that “Caxton” Hollow Tile Reinforced Concrete Floors should be specified, as owing to the tiles used forming voids to the extent of 65% of the area of the floor, it will be appreciated that the factor of insulation against the penetration of sound is very high.