Gammon Construction wins contract to widen stretch of highways, involving the demolition and construction of bridges

A Balfour Beatty company in Hong Kong has won a £195m contract for the widening of a stretch of highways.

Gammon Construction, a Hong Kong based infrastructure contractor, which Balfour Beatty owns a 50% shareholding in, will be responsible for the widening of the Tolo and Fanling Highways in Hong Kong.

The 40 month contract will commence in late February, and will see the demolition of five existing bridges and the construction of eight vehicular bridges. The contract also includes a 12-month maintenance period of the widened road.

Commenting on the contract awards Ian Tyler, Balfour Beatty chief executive, said: “As part of this contract, in addition to standard measures to reduce air, noise and water impacts on the environment, further activities such as recycling of demolition materials to reduce disposal to landfill and deploying the demolished bridge sections to create an artificial reef, will be undertaken.”