Civil engineering contract wins boost revenue from the States by 70%.

Balfour Beatty announced today (Monday) that is US civil engineering subsidiary Balfour Beatty Construction Inc (BBCI) had won six contracts in the USA worth £270 million. The contracts increase Balfour Beatty’s revenue from the States by almost 70%.

The largest of the six contracts is a £63 million road-widening scheme along five miles of Route 405 just outside Los Angeles for Caltrans. BBCI will also undertake projects widening two sections of Route 15 in California, and another upgrading the SH121 in Texas.

In Maryland, the State department of transportation has awarded BBCI a contract to improve safety and reduce congestion at MD 450 in Prince George’s County, building four bridges to keep traffic flowing, rather than having to stop at the road-rail intersection to allow trains to pass.

The final contract is to extend and refurbish the Downtown Seattle Bus Terminal in Washington State.

Balfour Beatty derived 13% of its revenue from the USA last year. Chief executive Mike Welton said: “These new awards further extend our presence in US transportation markets as federal and state expenditure on improving transport infrastructure increases. We have had strong civil engineering businesses on the West Coast and in Texas for some years, and our new Central Division has now established itself as a major player in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio.”