Joint venture awarded £167m design and build contract in USA

Balfour Beatty has been awarded a $330m (£167m) design and build contract for a toll road in Texas, USA. Beatty will work on the 281 North Toll Highway project in joint venture with Fluor.

Ian Tyler, Balfour Beatty chief executive

The Balfour Beatty joint venture Cibolo Creek Infrastructure JV will be responsible for constructing two to three new non-toll lanes over a 7.9 mile stretch of road near San Antonio.

Three new toll lanes in each direction will then be built, and completion is scheduled for 44 months after the project starts.

Ian Tyler, Balfour Beatty chief executive, said: "We have been a leading road constructor in Texas for many years and this contract builds on our successful relationship with Fluor, with whom we worked in delivering the $1.1bn (£555m) SH130 project, near Austin.

“There is a very substantial forward road-building programme in Texas using a range of financing techniques and Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, where appropriate in combination with Balfour Beatty Capital, is very well placed to play a major part in the future.’