The RIBA is exhibiting 'Battersea Power Station: Photography by Michael Collins' at its headquarters in London from 3 to 29 September.

A series of large scale colour photographs (4’ by 5’) of the site will give a fascinating and faithful account of this British landmark as it exists today.

Collins describes Battersea as a “twentieth century ruined castle”. It is a building that was built to last, with a high quality structure and interior, including Art Deco walls and ceilings.

A remarkable and much-loved London landmark, very few people have seen it close-up as it is not open to the public and has a safety exclusion zone.

The images of the interior reveal the control rooms in their original splendour and the magnificence of the ceramic turbine halls.

Collins is a London-based photographer who uses a 8 x 10 inch plate camera and digital printing technology to create his unique style of applied record photography.

Over the last 10 years he has been photographing industrial landscapes and structures in England.