Cambridge City Council and NHS Trust Addenbrookes Hospital – Elective Care at Addenbrookes Hospital

This PFI project integrates world-class research in diabetes and genetics with patient care by locating the research block adjacent to the elective care block. This enables researchers to take their work “from bench to bed”.

WSP Fire Engineering had to develop a fire strategy that met the requirements of all stakeholders and the functional requirements of the building regulations. The answer was to use only two fire-fighting shafts. A full-height fire resisting smoke shaft was also located in the stair lobby, serving one of the fire escape stairs.

The judges commended the engineers for “fully understand the meaning behind the codes and guides”. They added: “They have worked well to deliver the architect’s concepts – with full consultation with the fire and rescue service and with building control.”


Derby City Council and Jeremy Gardner Associates – Westfield Derby Shopping Centre Development

Health and safety formed a fundamental part of this redevelopment, with particular focus on access and disability, fire engineering and smoke venting. Escape routes were carefully designed, along with fire-fighting provisions and structural fire resistance. The most radical feature implemented in this project however, was the smoke venting.

In common with most centres, the mall is divided into a number of smoke reservoirs formed at high level, however, using fire engineered analysis, the reservoirs were designed to be longer and larger than the dimensions commonly used. Natural smoke vents were preferred for the mall venting, as these offered a number of benefits over mechanical systems, such as reduced maintenance.

London Borough of Brent and Wembley National Stadium – Wembley National Stadium

A series of sophisticated fire engineering solutions were incorporated into this development, marking the project out not only for its scale and complexity, but also for its fire design strategies. An internal road service exists underneath the lower tier that provides access for emergency vehicles around the whole of the stadium, and onto the pitch if necessary; the roadway is subdivided by a series of fire shutters, activated by automatic smoke detection.

In the event of fire within a roadway compartment, the fire shutters at either end descend to a pre-set height, and smoke extraction takes place a the rate of 10 air changes an hour. Fire resisting pass doors at the side of the shutters facilitate escape and dry rise outlets at these points are incorporated for fire brigade use. The roadway is also sprinkler-protected.

London Borough of Wandsworth and Broadway Malyan – Battersea Reach

This development is part of a 10-year housing and commercial regeneration development on a site that was originally occupied by factories and then left empty for decades.

Affordable housing comprises a significant part of this project – 264 apartments once the final phase is completed. In addition, extensive landscaping and communal gardens have improved the local environment and a riverside wetland has encouraged plants and birds to the area. Its fire engineering features include impulse fans to control smoke in the event of a fire in the 800-space basement car park. These fans are designed to keep critical areas smoke free, and can operate for up to two hours at 300C.

Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, HBG Construction South East and WSP Fire Engineering – Redevelopment of Providence Place, Maidenhead

The project has combines residential with a 5,000m2 Sainsbury’s supermarket, served by a basement delivery area and a five-storey car park.

WSP Fire and RBWM Building Control worked together to resolve design and construction issues. These included the basement loading area, which Sainsbury’s wanted to keep clear to improve the mobility of goods. The fire strategy was revised several times through the construction process. One of the many unique aspects of this building is that the retail area, lower ground and basement levels have a life safety sprinkler system.