Sunderland City Council and Miller Homes North East

The successful working relationship between Miller Homes’ North-east division and LABC is now entering its fifth year it has produced 27 housing schemes to date, and delivered a total of 1,748 housing units.

The formal working partnership was established in 2003, and since then, the two have worked together on private residential housing projects covering all areas of the north-east of England.

One particularly notable example of how effectively both teams work together can be seen in the Sidings development in South Hylton, Sunderland. Both worked together on the building application process, and they dealt effectively with the technical challenges of the brownfield site.

The council regularly give technical talks to the Miller team to keep it abreast of changes in legislation. These talks built mutual respect and faith in the knowledge of both parties.

Highly Commended

Amber Valley Borough Council and Peveril Homes

Peveril Homes is a recognised regional residential developer, with more than two decades experience of building homes across the Midlands. It has worked with Amber Valley Borough Council since 2001, and submits planning approval for all developments to its building control team.

The partnership has resulted in a range of developments, from exclusive four or five unit sites to large-scale residential developments, consisting of more than 50 homes.

The success of these developments is testament to the great results that can be achieved when working alongside an LABC team. The partnership is strengthened through constant review and site meetings, held between Amber Valley Borough Council, Peveril and the technical team, which all help maintained the excellent working relationship of the project team.


Chelmsford Borough Council and Essex Police Property Services

LABC described Essex Police Property Services as “a dream partner”, partly because it consists of a small number of experienced designers. The two collaborated to produce a high standard of work, and ensured that the number of queries the LABC might have had were reduced, enabling time to be spent more profitably.

One of the keys to the project’s success was noted in the appointment of a single officer, Ian Fielding, to undertake all plan vetting duties. This in turn resulted in uniformity of examination processes and fast response times.

Chichester District Council and Warings Contractors

The early partnership between these two teams helped facilitate access to early Building Regulations advice, which proved essential in respect of important issues, such as sound insulation and fire precautions.

An open door approach was maintained throughout the project, and Chichester District Council facilitated a workshop for the design team, and provided regular updates.

The partnership was created primarily for the Carehomes, but the relationship worked so well that several other projects have subsequently been placed with Chichester over recent years.

Flintshire County Council and Redrow Homes (North West)

The partnership between Redrow Homes and LABC was established in 1985. Since then the housebuilder has grown from a small private housebuilder to a plc with national coverage.

Despite this transformation, Redrow has maintained its close working relationship with the LABC – proof of which lies in the many completed projects implemented by both teams since their partnership began more than 20 years ago.

The key to the success is recognised by both teams as the result of close communication and shared values, with both parties committed to working towards the successful delivery of the development.

Milton Keynes Council and Buckingham Group Contracting

This partnership was brought together when professional football came to the city. Since then, a close working relationship has developed between Inter MK, Buckingham Group Contracting and building control MK, resulting in the delivery of both the temporary home of the club at the National Hockey Stadium and finally to the completion of phase one of the purpose-built stadium.

Many problems were overcome through the working relationship and some issues prompted the review of the current green guide. LABC noted that without the strong partnership between the client, the contractor and building control MK, some of the pre-planning might not have happened.