Contract is for second phase of Limitless' $11bn Dubai waterway

Bidding has opened for the second phase of earthworks on Limitless' $11bn waterway, Arabian Canal in Dubai.


The contract will involve the excavation of around 300m cubic metres of earth stretching 8.5km along the canal's route.

Last month Tristar, the Abu Dhabi-based firm was appointed for phase one, where 100,000 cubic metres of earth is moved each day. More than 200m cubic metres will be excavated in total, which Ian Raine, project director for Arabian Canal, said would be re-used to form hills and valleys alongside the canal, on which a $50bn 12,500 hectare city for 2.5m people is planned.

“This is the second of around 10 packages that will be awarded for the excavation of our 75km waterway,” he said. “Work is well under way on phase one, with 200 of the world's biggest bulldozers, dump trucks and compacting machines on site.”

Limitless is expected to name the contractor for the phase two of the earthworks in early 2009.