Mowlem, WS Atkins, Bouygues and Jarvis are members of four teams shortlisted for the £500m Leeds supertram project.
The shortlisted consortiums are Airelink, Leeds Tram Link, Leeds Tramways and Momentis.

Airelink includes AWG Project Investments, and Leeds Tram Link includes Amey and Bechtel.

Mowlem and Atkins are in the Leeds Tramway team, with Bouygues and Jarvis in Momentis. The shortlist will be reduced to two by the end of this year and the contract is to be awarded by next summer.

The successful team will design, build, maintain, operate and part-finance a 28 km tram network covering the city and its suburbs.

Turner & Townsend has been appointed project manager and cost manager on the project, which should be completed by 2006.