Cabinet Office minister Chloe Smith says SMEs will not be excluded from BIM push

Building information modelling (BIM) is the “key stone” in the government’s push to reform the construction industry, Cabinet Office minister Chloe Smith has said.

Smith made the comment during the launch of the Construction Industry Council’s forum for promoting BIM among SMEs, BIM4SMEs.

Smith said the government is committed to ensuring SMEs are not left out of the industry push to adopt BIM.

She said she expects the market to keep software costs down, saying “more software providers can come forward.”

Smith added that the government hopes to encourage export of the UK’s fast-developing BIM expertise.

Smith said: ““BIM is a great leveller and a great opportunity for growth.

“It is fast becoming the key stone in construction’s push for reform. I look forward to topping out on that with you in future.”

The Cabinet Office, through the government’s construction strategy, has mandated the use of BIM on all government projects by 2016.

BIM4SME is a working group of SME organisations understanding and engaging with BIM. It brings together experts to offer practical advice to SMEs.