Building Live: BIM tsar Mark Bew says he is ready to engage with industry on next phase of digital construction

The government will start engaging with the industry on establishing BIM Level 3 tools and standards from January next year, the government’s BIM tsar Mark Bew has said.

Speaking to Building, Bew said he is establishing a client team in January drawn from all government departments to lead on the roll out of BIM Level 3.

He said engagement with the industry would also begin in earnest: “We’ll be setting up workshops for different sectors and testing our early work in the market.”

BIM level 3 received £15m in funding covering up to six years of work in George Osborne’s last Budget in April this year. The funding was seen as critical for keeping up momentum on BIM, after the previous level two adoption deadline passed earlier this year.

Bew was speaking after his keynote speech at Building’s BIM Show Live conference in London. He told delegates: “From January onwards we will be testing what BIM Level 3 looks like… We’ll be engaging with people as it’s a big jump.”