Prime minister launches London's Challenge for 2012 document outlining plans for east London, including the opening of 60 city academies and £35m skills package.

Prime minister Tony Blair has today outlined the challenges involved in regenerating east London in time for the 2012 Olympics.

Blair launched London's Challenge for 2012, a document detailing the changes necessary for London's regeneration, to delegates at the Greater London Authority this morning. Blair made a series of pledges to aid regeneration, including:

  • 60 city academies to be open or in the advanced stage of planning by 2010.
  • A further £35m skills package, including a £15m pilot project aimed at addressing specific skill shortages in the London economy.
At the launch, Blair said: "We have a new deadline in view, urging us to plan effectively for the future. In 2012, six years from now, we will host the Olympic games.

"We have six years to regenerate east London. Six years to demonstrate to the world, as to ourselves, that we can host the greatest show on earth."