Boiler manufacturer Ravenheat has launched Energycatcher, a system to recycle the heat from a domestic gas boiler’s exhaust fumes and use it to preheat and store hot water for use in the home.

Energycatcher reduces the temperature of a modern condensing (Band A) boiler’s outlet flue gases – normally about 60°C, down to around 20°C – and uses it to warm the household’s hot water using a patented metal heat exchanger.

The company claims it can provide homeowners with savings of up to 90% on the energy consumption of their domestic hot water during winter months and an overall reduction in carbon emissions of 7.5%. The system is also compatible with most solar systems.

Ravenheat has carried out extensive field trials for the Energycatcher system with customers in the UK and Europe. These include housing associations in the UK and the Ballymun regeneration project in Dublin.