London mayor rejects economic 'super hub' plan in favour of 'star and cluster' approach to revitalising city's suburbs

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has ruled out the idea of developing several economic “super hubs” in the suburban London region following an interim report from the Outer London Commission.

Instead, Johnson pledges developing town centres across outer London, “helping them to thrive and attract new business”. The new approach is dubbed “star and cluster”.

The mayor also ruled out the idea of an orbital transport route running around London. Instead, existing town centres will be turned into transport hubs from which “spokes” would emerge, improving existing transport network.

Johnson said: “We know that we rely on one or two specific sectors for that prosperity at our peril, and we must ensure we put in place policies that grasp every opportunity to unleash outer London’s full potential.”

Will McKee, the chairman of the commission, said: “Investing in town centres is a practical and cost effective way not only to grow jobs and businesses in outer London but also to revitalise what is, for most people, the heart of their community.”