Unnamed director is one of seven taking home a total of £19.8m in 2007

Bowmer & Kirkland’s highest paid director took home £8.6m last year – a 163% rise on last year’s £3.3m.

The unnamed boss of the Derbyshire contractor was one of seven directors that took home a total of £19.8m in the year to 31 August 2007, which represents an average of £2.8m.

The figure is a 170% increase on last year’s figure of £7.3m for all directors.

In the year, turnover at Bowmer and Kirkland rose 18% from £708m to £833m while pre-tax profit rose 30% from £24m to £37m.

The average number of employees was 1,578 and total staff costs were £82m, which represents an average salary of £51,930.