A Government-backed transport report has cited evidence from Building's Chop the Charge campaign to demonstrate how the industry can improve transport logistics
The report, Construction Site Transport: The Next Big Thing, was written by research group BRE for the DTI.

BRE claimed in the report that reducing site transport is possible with improved delivery efficiency and reliability. It said profits could be increased, with reduced fuel, delivery and parking costs.

Building launched the Chop the Charge campaign in February with the aim of gaining an exemption from the congestion charge for construction firms.

The report said that publicity in Building showed that delivery companies were overcharging and smaller companies' margins were being threatened. The guidance noted: "Recent coverage in Building shows how the charge is affecting the construction industry."

The report said that transport is growing in importance owing to the financial burdens the industry faces, such as the congestion charge in London and freight road user charging.

Evidence from the report has been sent to Transport for London for consideration, and is included in a confidential report to the DTI.

Deputy London mayor Nicky Gavron said in March that the industry needed to prove that measures to control transport were being taken.

This latest report said the industry needed to consider transport during design and project planning. It also recommended measures such as sharing deliveries to improve efficiency.