Bovis Lend Lease has overhauled its security procedures for its sites in Mumbai in the wake of last week’s terrorist attacks that left at least 171 people dead and 294 injured.

The company’s employees in the city have been issued with car stickers to prevent unauthorised vehicles entering construction sites, and security checks are being carried out on all vehicles on site. The number of security guards employed has been increased by 20%.

Gleeds has also confirmed its security arrangements in India are now under review.

Ian Tyler, the chief executive of Balfour Beatty, was caught up in the attacks while he was staying at the Oberoi Hotel with colleagues on his way to Thailand. He escaped harm and has since returned to work in the UK.

Concerns have been raised over whether the attacks could put off future investors in the Indian construction market, which has seen a boom in recent years.

David McKenzie, chief executive officer of Bovis Lend Lease in Mumbai, said it could deter western staff from moving to work in the city. “It was the fact the terrorists were deliberately targeting foreigners. At this stage I can imagine people are questioning how safe it is.”