Concerns about a property price bubble will be temporary, says experts

British consultants are planning a rapid increase in staff numbers in China this year to take advantage of the booming Asian economy.

Design consultancy Aedas is looking to boost its presence there by over 50% after opening a new office in Shanghai, while Cyril Sweett wants to add another 70 staff by April next year.

David Roberts, chief executive of Aedas in Asia, told Building the plan was to expand the architect’s operations in the city from 63 to 100 by the end of the year.

Aedas opened the studio earlier this year after the practice outgrew its old Shanghai office.

Meanwhile Kim Berry, former managing director of Asian QS, Widnell, which was bought by Cyril Sweett in July last year, said that staff numbers would grow from 480 to 550 by April next year.

He said this would involve a “selected few” transfers from other parts of Cyril Sweett but would mainly come from recruitment of Chinese employees.

Berry said that there were concerns in China about a property price bubble but any slowdown would be temporary due to underlying demand.

“If there’s a crash, or, more likely, a slowdown, it’s only likely to be temporary,” he said.