Oh dear. It seems that I opened a can of worms with my rather provocative column last week.
Was it my attack on Lord of the Rings fans? No, not one computer-generated live action role player has brandished their wooden sword at me.

Did I upset ladies everywhere with my rechristening of "actor" Orblando Bland? Nope, Mr Bland's screaming fan base was mercifully silent.

Was it my challenge to chief executives to inject more enthusiasm into their trading statements? Not a bit of it – Howard Dawe, chairman of housebuilder Bellway, responded by issuing a statement on Friday that included the earth-shattering claim that he was "very confident" about the future [Bellway rose 0.8% last week to reach 665p by close of play Friday].

It was in fact, dear readers, my claim that ROK chief executive Garvis Snook has the best name in construction. Garv himself was unable to respond as Rok is currently in its close period, and is not allowed to talk to the press about their names. However, I am reliably informed that he has made the following vow: "I'm going to get him back." Bring it on!

Besides, it seems that my jolly dig was of little import to the chaps and chapettes in the City, as Rok shares rose 0.3% last week to reach 318.5p.

Fellow analysts also pointed out that there is a very live contender to the Snook crown: the Montpellier chairman, Cedric Scroggs. "That's a fabulous handle!" declared one tired and slightly emotional City colleague, before lamenting: "All the other guys in the industry are just called Mike or Pete or John." Quite.

However, it was not the best of weeks for Cedric and Montpellier – the construction group's share price fell 10% to finish at just 36p. This followed a disappointing final results statement that saw turnover drop £11m to £434m and pre-tax profit slip £200,000 to £4.7m.

Until recently, one of the industry's great names was that of the Jarvis chairman, Paris Moayedi. Paris left the supports services group at the end of last year, and as one analyst pointed out to me: "What a shame that name is [probably temporarily] no longer part of the industry. I'm sure it made a great anagram." (See headline.) The post-Paris world has not been easy for Jarvis, and its share price took another hit last week since the announcement that he was to be replaced by Conservative mayoral candidate Steven Norris, falling by 1.9% to close at 198p.