Chancellor says tax will help fund new infrastructure.

Chancellor Gordon Brown has opened the door for a new development land tax to be levied on developers around the country.

Unveiling his pre-Budget report, the chancellor said that providing affordable housing was one of the top priorities of the government.

Brown said that the government would proceed with some of the recommendations of the Barker report last year.

He said: "We will bring forward measures to bridge the gap between 150,000 new houses every year and 190,000 new house holders every year."

"To fund new infrastructure, we will release for consultation a local planning gain supplement to enable local authorities to have a fair share of planning gain to invest locally."

The chancellor said local authorities would be made to bring forward more brownfield sites for housing, and would bring forward measures to make planning faster if it adhered to a design code.

To widen investment in new regeneration schemes, Brown said plans for real estate investment trusts would be taken forward later this month.

He also said shared equity schemes would be expanded.

Brown called on the construction industry to "rise to the challenge" of building new homes.