George Brumwell, chairman of the CSCS card scheme, is set to face a leadership challenge in January, according to senior industry sources.

Brumwell is understood to be under threat as a result of the decision to widen the scope of the card, for instance to include those over 55, without introducing additional tests. A challenge from CITB-ConstructionSkills, which lost control of the scheme earlier this year, is expected.

A source close to the scheme said that the CSCS board was under pressure from the government to demonstrate a commitment to standards and that the CITB was expected to cite the widened scope of the card as evidence that standards were being relaxed.

The source said: “The CITB will do everything it can to undermine the CSCS leadership since it lost its grip on the card in July.”

Bill Jenkins, the CSCS secretary, said that Brumwell was due for re-election in January, but could not confirm whether he would face a challenge.