Energy Saving Trust project will monitor energy and record data on solid wall insulation and retrofit in 200 homes

BSRIA has been appointed by the Energy Saving Trust to carry out energy monitoring and data recording for solid wall insulation and retrofit field trials in up to 200 existing homes across the UK.

The contract covers two projects, the first is to provide monitoring of Energy Saving Trust's field trials of solid wall insulation and the second is part of the Technology Strategy Board's 'Retrofit for the Future' competition.

The project will work with the insulation industry to support the installation of new and existing forms of solid wall insulation, with in-situ monitoring of performance. Recently, several new insulation products have entered the market. They are still developing and their in-situ performance has yet to be established, but they do offer potential for the millions of un-insulated solid walled homes in England. The purported energy savings vary widely and their acceptability to householders has yet to be determined.

The aims of the project are to establish the insitu performance of a wide variety of solid wall insulation systems, with a focus on reduced energy consumption and carbon savings.