The new construction boards are chock full of wit, comment, advice and debate

Traffic on the new Building sustainability forum has been brisk in its first week of operation. The board was set up to encourage online discussion about green construction last week.

Since then, over 60 people have signed up for the Sustainability and wider Building forum with over 20 threads and over 70 posts between them as well as several thousands of page views.

Generating the most interest on the sustainability forum have been discussions about the Lewis wind farm decision, anomalies in the Code for Sustainable Homes and whether channel editor, Phil Clark should fly to America for a green conference. Or row instead.

And the forum’s launch could not have been better timed to coincide with the OFT’s highly controversial ruling about cover pricing practices within industry with people weighing in with their opinions.

As the Building staff begin to ‘think forum’ more readily, you can expect more provocative questions, debates and polls.