Building is the industry's best-read, most useful and most interesting magazine, according to a survey by the market research firm NOP.
NOP Research, which was commissioned by Building's publisher the Builder Group and its sister company Barbour Index, interviewed more than 1700 professionals about their views on 11 industry magazines between April and July in order to reach its independent assessment.

The interviewees included architects, quantity surveyors, contractors, housebuilders and clients. Building was read by 77% of those surveyed - the highest count among the 11 magazines, and 11 percentage points ahead of its nearest rival.

Building was rated most useful by 40% of the respondents – 29 percentage points ahead of the second-placed magazine; 38% said Building was most interesting to read, 28 percentage points ahead of the next title.

Asked which magazine they would choose if they could only read one magazine, 41% said Building – which made it the sector's favourite title by 30 points. Building is also the best place to find a job, says the survey.

The survey found that 78% read at least half of Building – and 38% read all (or almost all) the magazine. On average, readers devote about half an hour to reading each copy; one in two then passes it on to a colleague and one in three keeps it for reference.

Building editor Adrian Barrick said: "I'm delighted with the results of this independent survey, and I would like to thank all our readers for their continuing support. This research follows our success in achieving record levels of subscriptions."