Architecture watchdog CABE has told the Barker review that housebuilding competitions should be opened up to international developers.
In his submission, CABE chief executive Jon Rouse said: "There is a need to increase the flow of institutional investment into the sector, perhaps through the use of fiscal incentives, and by attracting other types of developer."

Rouse also called for the piloting of housing planning zones in high-value areas, where all planning is undertaken prior to a housebuilder coming up with a specific scheme.

The submission said: "Provided the housebuilder complied with the terms of the plan and code, no further detailed permission would be required. We cannot ensure that it will result in housing of greater quantity and quality, but it is worth testing on a pilot basis."

It went on to argue that planning gain agreements should be simplified, as they delay the planning system.

CABE also recommended pressing the European Union to reduce VAT on conversion and refurbishment.